About us

A strong competence network of active companies, startups, research/development institutions and established players in the financial sector for future-oriented energy strategies and best practice examples. The Energy Forum bundles the knowledge of experts from the entire value chain of the energy sector, promotes rapid competence and knowledge transfer and networks business, science, education and finance. There is hardly any other region in Germany where so much scientific excellence meets such a high density of technology-driven companies as in Karlsruhe. Here, new technologies are developed for the national and international market and new products, services are brought to market.

In 2017, the Energy Forum was awarded a Bronze Label Certificate in European Cluster Excellence Initiative. The Energy Forum is very active and shapes added value for all stakeholders through cross-clustering with other networks in the region.

We offer access to the entire value chain of the energy sector, mobility, finance, IT as well as environmental technology.


Recent successes and results

The following aspects are particularly worth mentioning here:

  • Establishment of a broad network of experts
  • Initiation of pilot and lighthouse projects
  • Experience hotspots through the energy tour
  • Preparation of an analysis of an energy-efficient business park
  • Establishment of a sustainability center in Karlsruhe
  • Annual organization of (inter)national conferences, for example for sustainable building refurbishment, the Global Sustainable Finance Conference in Karlsruhe or the Greening Education Events (IGEE)
Pflänzchen in Glühbirne, erneuerbare Energie, grüne Energie


Objective and strategy

For the EnergieForum, this is the technology transfer from universities and research institutions with companies. In addition, the national and international competitiveness of companies is to be strengthened through joint collaborative and lighthouse projects. This takes place through collaboration and/or participation in national and international future projects for SmartGrids, SmartCities and Intelligent Energy Systems.

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