Privacy Policy:

The protection of your privacy is very important to us. In the following, we will attempt to inform you precisely about which of your data will be saved, and how your data will be processed. Following information will be adapted according to new circumstances, e.g. data policy reforms. Please note that our Internet-Website contains links to other websites. Please also note that we are not responsible in any way for the content of other websites. Further, we cannot guarantee the compliance of other website operators with new data protection regulations.

1. Commitment to Privacy:
We are committed to safeguard and protect the privacy of all users who are to share their data with our website-service. Your personal data will be processed confidentially according to these respective, as well as further privacy regulations. The above is based on compliance with the currently effective statutory regulations, the German federal data protection act (BDSG), the data protection act for the state of  Baden-Württemberg (LDSG-BW), as well as the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2. Storage of personal and general data:
Personal data will not be collected or accessed unnoticed. Methods to prevent unauthorized access to or acquisition of your personal data do not lead to a loss of functions for website users. Only such personal data, that has been willingly transmitted to us, will be saved and protected by our service.
General data is automatically saved. However, the protocoling of user data occurs on every website on the internet. During every website access following data will be saved:

1. Name of accessed file
2. Date and Time of access
3. Data size
4. Status for successful access
5. Current operating system
6. IP-Address of computer from which request for access was sent
7. Current web-browser
8. If access occurs through following a link, name of website-link-address.

This information alone does not suffice for the creation of personalized user-profiles. The storage of user data serves the sole purpose of securing operational safety. 

3. Usage of personal data
Saved personal data will only be used to fulfill the purposes, for which they have been transmitted. We will not forward personal data without user consent.

4. Deletion of personalised data
Personalised data will be processed according to current legislative norms. This occurs by default, as soon as the use of personal data is no longer required for the fulfillment of the processing units’ task.

5. Data Access Rights
According to the German federal data protection act, website users are entitled to unconditional disclosure of what personal data is being saved, as well as, if applicable, to the correction, detention or deletion of their personal data.

6. Cookies
Cookies are small text files, which are, with your consent, created and deposited on your hard drive. Cookies allow for web-advertisement to be personalized according to user data. This also creates the possibility to use cookies for the creation of personal user profiles. Cookies are not programs or viruses, and can therefore not cause any harm to your device. Cookies are designed to improve our service, and to make your experience more user-friendly, more effective and safer to use. The majority of cookies used are so-called „Session-Cookies“– and will be deleted automatically after the end of your session.

Cookies and Web-Analytics:

Every internet browser can be configured, so that cookies don’t have to be accepted, or to request permission for the creation and specific use of cookies.

7. Web-Analytics:
We constantly seek to improve our service. Therefore, we are only able to optimize content, if it becomes visible which areas of our websites are most frequently visited.  

Piwik is our most commonly used program to perform web-analytics, and is fully compliant with the German federal data protection act.  

Google Analytics
Google Analytics makes use of your cookies, which essentially are small text files, which enable third parties to analyse website activity of users according to their personal data. The derived information through website usage will likely be transmitted to and saved on a Google-server. However, both tools can be configured in so that the relevant IP-adresses can be anonymized.   

8. Integration of Google Maps

This website uses the services of Google maps, which allows to display interactive maps directly on our page, and enables users to comfortably navigate without leaving the website.

Through accessing our website, Google receives information that you have requested access to the relevant subpage of our website. Moreover, personal user data, as defined in section 3 above, will be transmitted, depending on if Google provides a user account which you are logged into, or if no user account is provided. If you are logged in, your personal data will be allocated to the account you are logged into. If you do not wish to be associated with the user account, you need to log out before activating the button. Google saves your personal data according to user profiles for the purpose of advertisement, market research, and/or the adequate design of its web-services. Such an evaluation occurs especially (even for users who are not logged in) for the creation of adequate advertisement, as well as to inform other users oft he social network about your activity on the website. You are entitled to the right to objection against the creation of such user profiles. However, you are to exercise this right against Google respectively.  

More Information and details on the purpose, extent of manipulation and further processing of personal data through plug-in-providers is available in the privacy policy of the service provider. There you shall also receive more information about your data privacy rights and settings options for the protection of your privacy.

Google processes your personalized data also in the USA, and has submitted itself to the EU-US Privacy Shield.

9. Data protection through encryption
The internet is an open space. As soon as you send data from one point to another, you will be directed over several stations, where your data can be seen by others (without much effort).


In order to process your data, we currently employ a safe-to-use transmission method, so-called SSL-Encryption (Secure Socket Layer). This means that all the data you send will be safely encrypted before being transmitted to us. The protection of the information channel can only occur through encryption. Therefore, data will be encrypted beforehand according to previously agreed terms with the user, so that only the designated recipient will be able to read the transmitted information. Confidentiality will increase, according to the complexity of the encryption process. It is important that both sender and recipient use SSL-Encryption.

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